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Her Travel Experience, LLC is the brainchild of Alynetta L. Beck.  An avid travel from a very young age, she wanted to share her travel experiences with friends,family and acquaintances. It only made since to marry her love for helping people with her passion for travel.

Her Travel Experience was founded on May 31, 2017 when Alynetta stepped out on faith and invested in myself.  In three short years, she has designed and helped make  dreams come true for hundreds of travel enthusiasts.  Further, she has coached, trained and developed new agents who wanted to learn the industry.  As a result, we are connected to over 100 agents around the world!

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Her Travel Experience podcast is for women on the move in life and in business.  In each episode, you will get empowerment, enlightenment, and encouragement. Plus, I converse with women who are  making moves in their chosen fields and who love to travel. "We are connecting and collaborating through business and through travel."  Each year, sometimes twice a year, we take "The Ultimate Girls Trip" to an amazing destination!  Look out for our upcoming travel experiences.

Alynetta Beck, Owner

Independent Travel Advisor, 

Business Developer,


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