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A group of women from the Nomadness Travel Tribe stand in front of the Elmina slave castle on a trip to Ghana (Photography by Lauren Cowart)

10 Reasons You Should Use a Travel Adviser

Sometimes the world of travel can feel like a battle ground. Between all the travel websites that seem to pop up every day, it can be hard for travel agents to feel like there's still room for them. Many consumers might not realize what they are missing out on when they travel and don't use a travel adviser. Here are just a few things that your travel agent can do for you. Number 10: Travel Advisers Have Experience Travel agents know the market and, if they listen to what you want, will be able to match you with a better product than you can find on the Internet. Number 9: Travel Advisers Will Advocate for You If something goes wrong on your trip, a good travel agent will go to bat for you

7 Unique Adult Only, All Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive vacations are the ultimate stress relievers, enabling travelers to simply soak in the atmosphere of their destinations while enjoying activities and meals,without ever having to sign a bill. While there are plenty of big-name, all-inclusive resorts out there, we wanted to share some that are truly unique.Whether a non-traditional destination or boutique experience, here are several of our favorites: Cocobay Resort, Antigua Nestled between Coco Beach and Valley Church Beach on the stunning sunset side of the island, Cocobay Resort is a getaway that will transport you into the lap of relaxing luxury. Breezy, private balconies overlooking serene, turquoise waters are outfitted wit





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