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A group of women from the Nomadness Travel Tribe stand in front of the Elmina slave castle on a trip to Ghana (Photography by Lauren Cowart)

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Celebrate Juneteenth!

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7 Tips For Planning Safe Summer Travel

Travel to some of your favorite destinations this summer while remaining safe to prevent COVID-19. Here's how... With so much going on in the world right now, the one thing we can all use is a getaway. And with many countries announcing reopening plans, many Americans are considering what travel will look like under our ‘new normal’ and accompanying best practices. Though the vast majority of travelers have canceled their plans as we shelter in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, others are weighing out their options on where (and when) they will be able to visit. A recent study predicts a new travel trend will appear this summer as a result — the safecation.” This is an opportunity to

Black Travel Alliance Holds Travel Brands Accountable

Equipped with the hashtag #PullUpForTravel, the newly formed group is calling for meaningful representation of Black voices in the travel industry. In an effort to end the systemic lack of diversity in the travel industry, the Black Travel Alliance launched the #PullUpForTravel campaign, calling on travel brands to be more inclusive in their hiring practices, advertising campaigns, and more. For many Black people, travel begins by acknowledging that the tourist experience is not the same for everyone. People of color, Black travelers in particular, are often judged by the color of their skin, and make travel decisions based on perceptions of how they'll be treated once they arrive. But the p

Countries Welcoming US Tourists This Summer

US Virgin Islands - June 1 St. Lucia - June 4 Antiqua and Barbuda - June 4 Iceland - June 15 Jamaica - June 15 Bahamas - July 1 Aruba - July 10 Turks and Caicos - July 22

My Top 7 Destination Wedding Locations

Are you looking for a different way to celebrate your nuptials? Ever consider a destination wedding? Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years because couples have caught on to the potential benefits. Not only could you have you ceremony at an exotic location of your choice, but you could also save money. Your guest list would most likely be cut down, and you will kill two birds with one stone: an all-in-one ceremony AND a honeymoon. Choosing the right location is the key. Here are seven of my top pics for your destination wedding location: Mexico From Cancun to Puerto Vallarta, couples flock to Mexico for the exotic beaches, sizzling weather, and captivating





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