Don't Put Your Life on Hold... Travel!

It is still possible to travel safely and have fun! It is still possible to have a thriving travel business and have fun! You see, travel has never stopped. Travel is still happening for business. Travel is still happening for pleasure. We cannot put life on hold. We are still living AND we are still traveling.

Recently, Amanda Goring, a fellow travel professional, along with her beautiful family visited Turks and Caicos. She posted about it. Read her story below:

"We were on the verge of canceling this trip to TCI, but I didn't know how much longer life can be put on hold. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way.. When A friend of mine yesterday asked me even on my vacation to write for his blog on our new normal way of traveling, I decided, why not share some of it with all of our amazing travel agents, clients, friends etc.

📍The good news is people are traveling again and still booking.

📍The not so good news is that Covid is not showing any sign of going away anytime soon. I believe we are figuring out a way to live with the disease and travel responsibly and safely while doing so.

When the borders were opened to international travel to this island we decided to go and practice the necessary precautions, of course face 😷, washing , wiping and social distancing.

As I sat on Grace Bay Beach ⛱😎 watching my beautiful girls who barely saw us at the beginning of this pandemic because mum and dad were working taking care of everyone else, now been able to spend quality time with us on an amazing and beautiful Island of Turks and Caicos, was PRICELESS. For me, that was the biggest blessing.

📍 I encourage you to start equipping yourselves if you're not already doing so, getting more knowledge about your product ( travel) so that when clients come with questions and worried, you can confidently help them out to plan that trip with ease.

📍I hope I can encourage someone to just go to the , dip your feet in the sand, smell the freshness of the crisp air and just listen to the waves. It's healing in itself. Then go ahead and share with your clients, let them know travel is not dead.

📍 let's shine positivity on travel, especially in this time of so much darkness and negativity.

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