What is a "Boutique" Travel Agency?

The term "boutique" is used often in the travel business, from boutique hotels, tour companies, to travel agencies. But what does it mean for Her Travel Experience?


By definition, boutique refers to "a business serving a sophisticated or specialized clientele." (Oxford English Dictionary.) When it comes to a boutique travel agency, we are describing an agency that has a personalized, professional and practical approach to booking significant travel itineraries.

Here, at Her Travel Experience, we believe in customizing your travel experience instead of the cookie-cutter approach. We specialize in designing once in a lifetime travel experiences for our clients. Our travel advisors recognize that your time is extremely valuable, therefore we take care of every aspect of planning and executing a successful trip, allowing you to enjoy your travel planning stress-free.

We create travel experiences that are completely customized based on each client’s budget, preferences, and expectations. We find that this approach brings more meaning and purpose to our client’s overall experience before, during, and following each trip.

If you are that traveler who requires our specialization