"Jumping the Broom!"

This is an African American phrase and custom for marriage.

The significance of the broom to African American heritage and history originates in the West African country of Ghana. During the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, most of Ghana in the 18th century was ruled by the Asante of Ashanti Confederacy.  The Asante’s urban areas and roads were kept conspicuously clean according to visiting British and Dutch traders with the use of locally made brooms. These same brooms were used by wives or servants to clean the courtyards of palaces or homes. The broom in Asante and other Akan cultures also held spiritual value and symbolized sweeping away past wrongs or removing evil spirits.

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Photographer: SKennon Photography

Location: Southern University Museum of Art Shreveport

MUA: Nicole Thomas, ColeBeauty Faces

Hair: Desire Francois

Fifteen years ago, Angelique and Tony’s love story began in the piney hills of North Louisiana. A chance visit with loved ones is where their paths crossed--setting the stage for a divine life and journey towards matrimony as husband and wife.

With the blessings of her father, Charles, aka, matchmaker, Angelique and Tony and connected beyond situations and circumstances!

As their friendship continued to grow, it became obvious that they were truly meant to be, at the anointed and appointed time. And so, exactly five years to the day of their first communication, they were married on 10-10-10.

Although, they were pleased to share their special day with only a few loved ones, they always knew that the day would come to renew their vows in the presence of dear family and friends. And so, the day has come and they were blessed to celebrate 10 years of matrimony with an intimate vow renewal!

Their love story continues because THEY STILL DO, and always will!

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