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Why do you charge a service fee? 


Hiring a Travel Professional is just like hiring a professional in any other field. We provide a service. We have the expertise to solve a problem or create the outcome you need.


Have you ever worked for a job, given them 20 to 40 hours of your time just for them not to pay you, maybe even fire you and hire someone else? Of course not. But what if you did?


Creating custom travel experiences are important to us. Our team has gone through extensive training to do what they do. Our time is valuable. In an effort to help us assist you, we have implemented a small fee to retain our services as your personal travel advisors.

To begin, there is $35 non-refundable Consultation/Research Fee plus processing fee for all trips. This fee Is due at the time of your request for services. Your travel request cannot be processed without it.  No exceptions.

After submitting your request, an agent from our team will contact you regarding your request to finalize the details and begin creating your ultimate travel experience.

These service fees are non-refundable.

Got questions about our fees, email us at

What forms of payment do you accept?


We can only accept credit or debit card as payment for your travel. No exceptions.

Do I have to keep the travel insurance?


That is absolutely up to you.


We include travel protection with every quote and every trip that we book.  You are welcome to decline travel protection. However, we highly recommend travel protection for your trip. Let's face it, life happens - even on vacation. We want you to be prepared for any mishaps.


If you choose not to accept travel protection, you MUST sign a Travel Protection Waiver form relieving Her Travel Experience, LLC from all liabilities and indicating that you would not like to protect your trip.

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